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iPhone holders face the problem of spying sometimes even more often than the users of gadgets running on other software. It’s vital to install a worthy VPN on iPhone if you want to be secure while talking to your better half or discussing the plans of the company you work on with your boss.

What technologies are used by iPhone holders?

The first prototype of a currently known portable gadget called a mobile phone appeared in the year of 1973. Motorola DynaTAC created a satellite phone that could function without a wire. It was the beginning of a new era when the companies around the world started thinking about the phones, which would function everywhere.

The first iPhone appeared only in 2007 but became extremely popular among users. People were ready to spend thousands of dollars on this new-fangled gadget.

iPhones were the first portable devices that could function with the help of the Internet. Thus, it became possible to exchange messages by means of VoIP.


What is VoIP?

Voice over IP or VoIP in short is a phone service that provides double-sided communication. Many people are confused by the notions of Voice over IP and IP telephony.

Voice over Internet Protocol is a common name for protocols, technologies and methods, which provide the delivery of verbal signals via the Internet or any other IP networks. The signal is transferred in a digital format.

Voice and video communication became wide-spread in the world by means of computer networks at the beginning of the XXI century. Today it is used both by individuals and corporate sector. The use of such systems allows decrease the prices of calls and integrate telephony with the Internet services.

IP telephony and Voice over IP are identical

These two notions are used while describing the telephone communication by means of IP protocol. This technology provides us with traditional dialing, two-sided voice-message report.

Nevertheless, VoIP is a wider term, while IP telephony is its application. VoIP technology presupposes all variants of voice transferring over IP including those which are not related to human communication. For example, Voice over IP technology is used to transfer sound in video surveillance systems, warning systems, webinar transmissions, online movies broadcasting and what not.

VoIP functions

Voice over IP handles tasks, which will be more difficult to fulfill using the public switched telephone networks. Thus, VoIP’s facilities are the following:

  •  The possibility to make more than one call at a time. Any extra telephone lines are not required.
  •  Conferences, call forwarding, recalls, calling-line identification facility are free if one uses VoIP technology.
  •  Safe calls by means of a standard protocol – SRTP.
  •  Independence from user’s location. Only the Internet is required to get access to VoIP.
  •  The integration with other internet services is allowed.
  •  Additional telephonic properties are easier and cheaper to introduce. Among them one may find call routing, pop-up windows, alternative GSM-roaming and IVR.
  •  Capacity to use one phone number in every corner of the world.

Speech encoding

When a person uses VoIP technology for communication, his/her voice is digitalized by means of pulse-code modulation, encoded and divided into small packages. Analogous process is accomplished in the opposite direction of a receiving party.

Some non-technical users are erroneous to assume that this encoding makes their communication secure. But it is not true.

Is it safe to use VoIP technology?

Until the person is online, his/her activity is not secure. In other words, if a hacker knows about the weak points of VoIP system, it can be hacked. And all user’s data may undergo leak.

Troubles with communication are possible

Similar to any network application, VoIP service may be subjected to any ‘classic’ attacks. But there is some specificity. For instance, a Call tempering attack is possible. It happens when someone ‘interferes’ the conversation sending empty packages of data. The system processes these data and as a result, the conversation will be slowed down or even impossible.

Besides, VoIP hacking is the most convenient way for monetization.

How does it work?

A fraudster finds a mistake in the service. After it he may call chargeable services, ‘sell the line’ and distribute audio-spam.

Another specific problem is the possibility of voice phishing and SPIT. Thus, a user is proposed to call a ‘service’ (like PayPal) to specify some issues. As a result, he/she pays more for the call or exposes the personal data.

Phishing and SPIT become more and more frequent as such attacks require only a special file, an automatic calling program and the users whose access to the Internet is not protected.

These threats made VoIP technology less popular among iPhone users.

New ways to exchange information

The world develops with rapid strides. And in this regard, more and more ways to exchange data appear. It’s more convenient to use Telegram or WhatsApp application than to send a wire, for example.

What is WhatsApp?

“What’s up?” – asks an American meeting his friend. This phrase became an idea to create a program for users to exchange messages via the net and inquire about family and friends.

What’s application or WhatsApp is a popular free system of instant messaging for mobile and other platforms. This application supports voice and video messages apart from ordinary text ones.


How long does it function?

The history of the company dates back to the year of 2009 when Brian Acton and Jan Koum worked out this messenger. The company is located in the USA and owned by Facebook Inc. since 2014. Since that year WhatsApp became free for its users. The client is to pay only for the Internet traffic he uses. The number of WhatsApp consumers is over one billion.

Thanks to a great popularity of a messenger, the earnings of mobile operators decrease. iPhone holders are the most active, as it is very convenient to use this application for exchanging messages on their iPhones.

What facilities does WhatsApp offer?

  • whatsappgroupchat Exchange messages with your friends and relatives absolutely free! WhatsApp requires the Internet connection of your iPhone to both send and receive messages. Thus, why should you pay for SMS?
  •  Keep in touch with the people, who mean much to you: your family, friends or colleagues. Thanks to the group chats you can exchange messages, photos and videos with 256 people at a time. Besides, you can name your group, switch off or set up notifications and what not.
  •  You are allowed to synchronize your chats on a computer or a laptop with WhatsApp and web. In that way, you can communicate by means of a device, which is the most convenient for you. For example, at home you may use a laptop, while it is better to use your iPhone being outside. To install the messenger on a computer it is necessary to download the installer on WhatsApp website.
  •   With the help of audio calls you can communicate with your friends and family absolutely free, even in case they are abroad. Free video calls afford an opportunity to use video chats when the voice or text messages are not enough. Audio and video calls use the Internet connection of a smartphone. Thus, you are not to bother about expensive calls when a person you call is abroad.
  •  It is well-known, that sometimes you share private moments of your life via WhatsApp messenger. So, WhatsApp developers created end-to-end encryption, which is used in the last versions of the application. Thus, only you and the person, with whom you communicate can read or listen to the content of a message. Even WhatsApp is not allowed to read it.
  •  The process of sending photos and videos via WhatsApp is instantaneous. You even can share the most significant moments using a built-in camera. WhatsApp sends your files quickly even if you have a poor internet connection.
  •  There are moment when your voice can reproduce all you need. Thus, you may record a voice message. Only one click is required. This is the best way if you can’t type text messages because of the bad weather or pressure of work.
  •  Send PDF-files, documents, electronic worksheets, slide shows and what not without the use of an e-mail or applications for file sharing. It is possible to send messages up to 100Mb. In such a way, you will send any messages with attached files with no trouble.
  • Use WhatsApp messenger on any gadget, as it is compatible with diverse software: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Tizen, BlackBerry, Symbian and S40.


What about WhatsApp security?

From the very outset, WhatsApp authors worked to help you keeping in touch with your nearest and dearest, share the most pleasant moments with them, to share life-and-death information while disaster and what not. We share the moment of our private lives by means of WhatsApp messengers, that is why the authors built in end-to-end encryption. Users of the latest versions of the application can estimate it. End-to-end encryption means that your messages, photos, video, voice messages, documents and calls have security against being at third parties’ disposal.

– “WhatsApp call” function allows calling friends and family from every corner of the world. These calls are protected by means of encryption. Thus, third parties don’t access them.

– Your messages are REALLY yours. That is the reason why WhatsApp doesn’t keep your messages on the servers of the messenger.

– WhatsApp team enables you to check whether your message is encrypted or not. You are to pay attention to the indicator in ‘User’s info’ section.


What is Telegram?

hometelergamsTelegram is a free cross-platform messenger for smartphones and other devices. It allows exchanging messages and media files of various formats.

The messenger is the product of Pavel Durov. The owner spends about $12 million annually. The number of active users as of February 2016 reached 100 million.

The application functions since August 14, 2013. Telegram had a special version for Apple devices. Especially for Apple users Telegram developers improved the video and high resolution photos support. Besides, they added the function to send animated images of gif format.

What can Telegram do?

By right Telegram application is called an excellent and widespread by iPhone users. This messenger manages to fulfill numerous tasks.


– Only the Internet is required to deliver your text message or a photo from a remote place to an addressee.

– The possibility to organize groups online is an outstanding feature not only for individual users but for organizations as well. This function allows sending advertising message to the prospective customers.

‑ The function of synchronization is a very useful one. It serves to access you Telegram account from any iPhone device you use. If you receive a photo from your friend and want to have a good look at it, why not to open it on your laptop.

– There is no need to use you e-mail to send and receive documents. It is possible to do it by means of Telegram messenger. The format of a document you send isn’t important.

– Additional security is provided by means of data you send encryption.

– Send a message by chance? There are no problems, as it is possible to delete it immediately. In this case the accidental addressee will not even notice it.

– Your iPhone is always reminding you that there is no free space on it? Use the cloud storage to keep the data sent via Telegram there.

– The fastest application will serve you to deliver messages.

– iPhone users don’t have to panic if they want to use the application on other gadgets. It is possible thanks to the cross-platform nature of Telegram.

In spite of the fantastic facilities of Telegram presented in this article, there is a serious threat. At the end of September 2017 Pavel Durov reported that FBI had demanded to provide them with the information on users’ messages. FBI warns a Telegram owner of drawing up official reprimand in case of refusal.


What about Telegram security?

MTProto protocol for Telegram was designed to use several encryption protocols.

The facility of ‘secret’ chats appeared on October 2013. This mode uses ciphering, by which only chat participants poses the key (AES-256). In contrast to ordinary chats, the messages of ‘secret’ chats are not decoded by the server and the messages are stored only on the devices of this chat participants.

Telegram in Iran

homatelegramiranThe messenger is not available for the residents of some countries. Iran is among them.

Telegram was blocked by the authorities of Iran in fall 2015, as the company Telegram Messenger LLP refused to help Iranian special services to spy on the residents of this country.

Former Telegram accounts are not available for the Iranians. Still there is a way to use the messenger again. A VPN subscription allows accessing the services, which are blocked for particular countries.

So, if you live in Iran but want to keep on using Telegram to exchange messages, subscribe to a reliable VPN, change your IP into an IP of a country, where the messenger is not blocked and use it again

Is it so safe to use messengers?

Notwithstanding the fact, that WhatsApp and Telegram encrypt the messages people send and receive, it is still unsafe to use them. Let us know why.

  • First of all, the messengers encrypt only the messages and delivered files. The addresser and the addressee are known. Thus, it’s a child’s play to identify with who do you communicate more often. Sometimes, it is enough to send an empty message to identify who has done it.

Just imagine, that user A sends 70% of his messages to user B. Then, user B disappears for some time and someone using unknown phone number sends an empty message. Who is this mister X? There is no doubt that it is user B.

  • In the second place, the authorities and special services like FBI or NSA are authorized to access any data. There are the cases when such services made the organization provide them with all necessary information. These organizations couldn’t refuse.

In such a way, all your messages will be at their disposal. They can analyze them, store and do whatever they see fit. Would you like someone to look at the photos you’ve sent?


What can I do to use messenger on iPhone securely?

You will find the answer to this question in the lines below.

To protect your data against any third parties it is essential to use a VPN. Only VPNs serve as a guarantor of your safe messages exchanging. It is really beneficial to use a VPN for iPhones, as it offers a set of facilities other security technologies lack.

The best way to use messengers is to become a subscriber of the best VPN.

  • It is well-known that Virtual Private Networks make users’ online activity protected against computer fraudsters. They cypher every single users step on the Internet. It doesn’t matter, whether it is a received via Telegram or WhatsApp text message, photo, video or a PDF-file, the person with whom you communicate, a VPN service makes it impossible for third parties to access such information.
  • It not simply blocks the access to your info, but encrypts any information connected with a VPN subscriber: IP, sending and received messages, loaded files, websites and pages one opens. The encryption used by applications for exchanging messages is not enough.
  • To be protected while browsing the internet it is extremely important to use a VPN service. Audio calls, video conferences and messages sent by means of WhatsApp or Telegram, will be protected against hackers by a digital defender – a VPN.

Sent by means of WhatsApp and Telegram messages are protected by a unique digital ‘lock’. Only the sender and receiver of a message can decode it using a special key. This key is used to decipher and read a message.

Every single message you send or receive is provided with a unique ‘lock’ and a key.

It sounds more complicated than it is in reality. You are not to remember and use any keys, passwords and what. The system will do it instead. In other words, a VPN on iPhone functions automatically.

There is a high probability of being monitored by special agencies or hackers while messengers use. So, you’d better pay special attention to the process of a VPN choosing. Experts created the best VPNs for iPhones: ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Safer VPN and Pure VPN. Just let’s enumerate what will you achieve using them:

– secure conversations;

– no meddling in your life;

– zero compromising.

What is the best VPN for iPhone?

To choose a reliable VPN service for your iPhone or any other Apple device it is necessary to take into account some characteristics.

homeiphoneFirstly, forget about a free VPN provider. It is extremely unsafe, as it can sell our data. Besides, a great number of free VPNs for iPhone keep logs. That is why it will be not difficult to know who you are.

Secondly, study the overview of the best VPNs for iPhone and read thoroughly the documents of the VPNs that caught your fancy. It may contain a lot of useful information.

Thirdly, examine the info on the number of IPs, servers and their locations. It influences the level of security you may achieve. The more servers a VPN has and the more diverse their geography, the better it is for you. In this case, it will be an uphill struggle to find you.

Fourthly, the price is not important when we are talking about the security while using our iPhones for exchanging message online. If you want to save money, don’t think that a free VPN is a good way-out. It’s better to choose the most economy-type plan. For example, it is possible to save up to 70% by means of a two years subscription.

Make the right choice and become a happy VPN subscriber.