What Google knows

Google historyGoogle saves your online activities. If you haven’t known it yet, then you should read the article. Most users set little store by their online security, while such well-known system as Google saves some of your online activities, which can be used against you by any third party. What are some activities? There are such categories as:

  • Search activities on apps and browsers;
  • Your private map creation for defining the best route;
  • All your contacts, calendars, applications are stored as well;
  • Your voice commands are stored too for improving its speech recognitions;
  • YouTube’s search and watch history.

How to exclude Google from your personal data?

Google web and apps history are known to contain everything that has been looked for by you for eleven years already (since 2005). Your Internet privacy should be enhanced for cracking the problem of being traced.

As it has been already stated, the activities are saved when you sign in to your account on any device.  In order to protect yourself and your online privacy you need to check what has already been stored. If you are sure that your Google account stores some of your sensitive data you need to make some steps to get rid of the ‘traces’.

In order to control most of the saved activities you should choose your ‘Activity controls’ option where you can place a mark checking those activities that need to be saved and those that don’t. If you want to see most of the other saved activities you should pass to ‘My activity’ where you can look through and delete all the inappropriate activities.

You should remember that browser history cleaning is not the same thing as Google web or apps one. Thus, as you have cleaned the history of your browser you have just deleted it from your device. Having cleaned the history of your browser, Google servers still contain some of your personal data or metadata.

  • In order to delete the appropriate history you should go onto Web&App History page and choose ‘download searches’ option. Then you are to create an archive while choosing a right option. After the archive is prepared you will be sent a link to it via your email.
  • In order to delete an entire history you should choose ‘advanced/all time’ setting in ‘delete’ option of the settings. But you should remember that the deleted items can’t be recovered, that’s why you should think twice before clicking the mouse. Having completed the process, you should make sure there are no items to show.
  • If you want your Google history to be disabled, you should find your ‘searches and browsing activities’ in the same settings of your browser. The blue switch placed next to the option should be slid left. Having taken the actions, your web and apps activities should be paused by choosing the same option here. Don’t forget to read all the important data on the page before making it.
  • If you want to be absolutely protected from any data leaks, you should apply the service for all the applications you use by ‘pausing’ Google. Everything including your YouTube history, places where you go, data from your devices will be deleted and won’t be stored by Google. This can be made by sliding all the switches left.

Google historyAfter disabling your Google history:

You have probably known that your search demands are personalized by Google with the help of your searching history. For example, if you have looked for a clothing web-shop and have frequently used, after the history storage is disabled this shop won’t be number-one result of the search.

Moreover, the actions we have described don’t make you invisible for Google. But you can supply your work with more protection by choosing secure search engines such as DuckDuckGo, for instance.

But if you need even more protection it’s better to take some further steps on the way to Internet freedom. A VPN can be used by you in order to stay invisible from any Internet company including Google.

How can a VPN help?

Being developed for business needs, a VPN technology inspires confidence in the usefulness of the service. Today the tool is used by many individual customers who seek for online protection from any third-party interference.

The main function of the service is providing a client with such important things as anonymity, security and privacy. If talking about invisibility, it should be said that your IP address is hidden from adversaries with the help of ‘virtual shift’. Any qualitative VPN service possesses a lot of servers all over the globe. While choosing one of the locations you pretend being in another country, the capacity not only hides your true address but also gives you a possibility to feel free while avoiding any geographical restrictions. The function seems to be even more useful when you travel a lot, because one day having arrived at Brazil, for instance, you can find your Skype account inaccessible due to the app’s blocking.

More than that, a first-rate service will supply its operation with up-to-date protocols and some additional features, such as SmartDNS. With the help of the protocols all your traffic including your private correspondence is encrypted, thus prevented from interception and misusage.

Besides all the functions, you get a high level of anonymity, provided that you use a prime service. A good provider follows ‘no logs’ politics affirming that it keeps no logging or metadata that can be further passed to any interested third party. Moreover, such a provider accepts different payment methods including the most secure of them, such as crypto currency. But you should pay extra attention to the provider’s reputation and also to find out whether it possesses the servers it presents or just hires them. If all the servers are possessed by a provider, it will exponentially enhance the level of your anonymity as no third party has a finger in the pie.

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