bittorrentBeing invented as a protocol for sharing files, BitTorrent is known today as one of the most beloved software for downloading materials using the protocol of the same name. The technology is used by customers of different professions and for various purposes. It may be used for downloading large files from the Internet by virtue of P2P (peer-to-peer) technology by typical Internet users who support torrents. But the illegal distribution of some outputs can be made by using the technology for that purpose too, which can cause to big losses for a software developer.

Whichever is true, BitTorrent has been definitely known to multiple Internet users who follow torrent technology. Various myth regarding BitTorrent and its legality exist among average users rather than that of the science world. It may be difficult to believe for somebody that one hundred percent legality is peculiar to BitTorrent.

Some other weird facts are known about BitTorrent too.

#1 BitTorrent is a protocol

Two parts of downloading one file from the Internet are needed as you might know. The two parts are a protocol and a specific file. BitTorent is considered by some specialists in the sphere rather like protocol than a client, which provides torrent-based downloads. Being a platform, BitTorrent won’t let you download a file from it. BitTorent is more popular as software for downloading content, which can be stated as incorrect confirmation, because primarily it has been developed as a protocol.

#2 BitTorrent Inc. is a company

Some extended users are supplied with peer-to-peer protocol by hard work of BitTorrent Inc. that is based in San Francisco. Some services and products have been also published by the tech giant. There are such outputs as:

µTorrent: is considered as one of the best clients for downloading anything from the Internet quickly and simply while using peer to peer technology. The software is available for multiple OSes.

BitTorrentBitTorrent Sync: the service gives a possibility to synchronize all the files used by you on different devices. Without interrupting one’s privacy P2P technology is also used by a personal site.

File Bundles: the legal phase of BitTorrent can be seen there and downloaded.

Premium version of the torrent client and one streaming resource are available for the customers of the client. Illegal torrent based downloads are never offered to you. The content, which you can find on the BitTorrent site is one hundred percent lawful. Being music and films lover, more than two million pieces of licenses have been made by BitTorrent and it’s available over the same-name protocol. Unfortunately, multiple torrent users haven’t heard about the news and continue downloading files while violating a copyright. So, no legal threats can be faced by you while using BitTorrent Bundles.

#3 BitTorrent is piracy free

Some same-working technologies can be called ‘piracy’ but not this one. No illegal downloads are possible from BitTorent, as it has been stated in the blog article. Nevertheless, some customers can argue to this as some freshly released films are available on BitTorrent.

bitTorrenAs any average customer knows loading information from torrent is an easier job for any normal Internet user. But for this job maintenance three main constituencies are needed: we are talking about client, file and tracker. Torrent file leads you to the file you want to download where the client make it possible to use the P2P protocol for the purpose. Tracker is the main element of the chain. Being a server, you are connected with its help to other computers to finish the download. Any P2P based downloading process requires a torrent tracker. But not only such torrent trackers but also torrent files are not provided to you by BitTorent and their outputs. Pirated content from BitTorrent can be hardly possible to download. Some pirate websites for downloading the pirated material are used instead. Therefore, the company is not responsible for what you download while using the client of the firm. In addition, several websites for providing legal torrent downloads are there. That exactly why the common phrase piracy is equal to torrent is not true.

So, being invented as a protocol for contributing various data, BitTorrent is known today as one of the most beloved software for downloading materials using the protocol of the same name and as a company that provides a wide variety of additional outstanding services and products. Downloading illegal files online is not possible when using BitTorrent as the policy of the company is controversial to that, although the myth is in general use among torrent customers too. BitTorrent protocol can be said to have been used instead of a client, as the technology is a protocol in the first instance. Probably, the main desire of any torrent client service provider is to know that his output will be used for legal purposes.

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