Buffered VPN review

Buffered VPN review

BufferedVPN is presented on the market as the fastest and the most secure VPN using which you can watch anything from anywhere. If you want to see it for yourself, look through the review.

Brief review

Unlimited speed and bandwidth


Endless server switches


Advanced protocols OpenVPN
Multiple connections


Multiple platforms Windows, Linux, Mac
No logs of your networking


Online support


A trial version


Money-back guarantee


Functional solutions

functional solutionsUsing the service gives you a chance to avoid any restrictions while being abroad or staying at home.

⇒While using the service you can access to any content from anywhere in the world. Moreover, you are able to use foreign websites as local ones. 36 countries are currently served by the VPN. The number of server locations is being constantly raised. Moreover, the users have a possibility to show the place (country/city) where they would like to have access to a server by giving such information to the support team.

Having subscribed to the service you are able to surf the Internet privately.

⇒All your personal information is to be hidden from any uncontrolled tracking and interferences, thus you will be able to surf the network privately. Your real location is to be kept unknown by shifting it with a server’s IP. Your Internet Service Provider along with other adversaries will be deprived from a possibility to spy on you.

Having experienced a hacker attack once and become a client of the service, you can stay absolutely protected from recurring the problem.

⇒While using the service you can enjoy the Internet even when connecting to public hotspots. All your passwords and credit card details are kept away from adversaries.

If you are tired from censorship and blockings, which have been imposed in your country, the service will absolutely save you from these troubles.

⇒Any website or application can be used or downloaded by using the VPN. School, workplace or government censorship can be got off with the help of Buffered VPN. If you live in a country where Facebook, Gmail or YouTube are blocked, the service is a good chance for skipping the problem.

Service enhancers

According to the official website’s data there aren’t any add-ons of the service. But still the VPN is worth attention due to the reason that it has easy-to-install apps and good speed performance, which is extremely important for those who look for a VPN to play games and watch streaming services in a high quality.


If speaking about pricing, it may seem a little exaggerated compared to other good services prices, but let’s have a more detailed look:

  • Monthly plan costs $12, 99 per month. By choosing the plan no sales are provided.
  • Bi-Annual plan costs $9, 99 per month. Thus the amount for 6 month makes $59, 94, which helps you to save 23% if compared to the monthly plan.
  • Yearly plan costs $8, 25 per month. Thus the amount for a year makes $99, 00, which helps you to save 36% if compared to the monthly plan.

It also should be mentioned here that the process of subscription is very simple. The only things you are to do for it are choosing a package that meets your needs, give your email address and password (the service is guaranteed to save no logging data to provide you with a high level of protection and contact you only if needed),  and select a payment methods. If speaking about payment methods they are not numerous: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover. But all the payments are processed by Cleverbridge, a PSI DCC and ISAE 3402 payment provider, which makes it more protected from undesirable interferences. All the plans are supplied with 30-day money back guarantee.


The official website doesn’t visualize the information on the encryption, but having looked deeper it’s come out that Buffered VPN uses up-to-date methods for providing its users with a professional level of defense.

According to the data, the service avoids usage of L2TP and PPTP considering them insecure, but it uses the strongest (and the fastest) for the moment OpenVPN. But if speaking about older devices, it can be a limiting factor to them.

Moreover, by using a shared IPs and following ‘no log’ policy, the provider guarantees no data leaks on your activities.

Client & support

The official website has a special Knowledgebase, which seems like a search engine used for your convenience in necessary data accessibility. You can either use a bar for search or choose the targeted topics manually. Having failed in finding an appropriate material, you can contact the support team. For making it you should choose a subject of the question, put in your name (of course, a fake one, for the sake of your anonymity), email address and a message itself.


The service is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. Although the service is inaccessible for other platforms, the speed performance developed for these platforms is amazing and it is compatible with SmartTVs.


So, having considered all the features of the service, it can be stated that Buffered VPN is a qualitative output that is not without drawbacks.

If you are looking for a VPN, which is to be used for up-to-date Windows, Linux, Mac platform for playing games and watching restricted in your location content, the service will do well. If you travel a lot and need up to 5 simultaneous connections it won’t cause any troubles, because the service performs such a function.

The encryption is strong, but still there is little data on the keys used by the service on the website, until you try it or ask the support team on the topic. Moreover, if you stay away from up-to-date technologies and have got used to your old faithful OS you will have some troubles too as only OpenVPN is supplied by the service.

Generally speaking, the service is worthy but you should definitely decide on the purposes you are going to use it for. Even having made a mistake you can get your money back during 30 days.

Unbiased expert’s opinion

I’ve tried Buffered VPN for my SmartTV and shared the connection with some other devices. I can assume that there haven’t been any breaks on the connections. Moreover, I could watch streaming videos absolutely free and have accessed to Freeform on the first try while being abroad in Chile.

If talking about encryption, I use up-to-date Windows versions, therefore I haven’t experienced any problems with OpenVPN. My true IP address is hidden and all my traffic is encrypted, provided that the speed is fast for watching Netflix and playing dota2. I’m satisfied with the service.

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