IPVanish VPN review

IPVanish VPN review

IPVanish VPN review
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We would like to draw your attention to IPVanish VPN the main feature of which is geo-restrictions avoiding for such websites as Hulu, Netflix, Freeform and etc. Having looked through the review, you will check that the service has many advantageous features.

Brief review

Unlimited speed and bandwidth


Endless server switches


Advanced protocols PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, IPSec, IKEv2
Multiple connections


Multiple platforms Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows phone, Ubuntu, Chromebook, Routers
No logs of your networking


Online support


A trial version

Money-back guarantee


Functional solutions

IPVanish-vpn-internet-secureWhile using IPVanish your true IP address is to ‘vanish’ and replaced by one of the server’s you have chosen.

⇒It’s not a secret to anyone that ‘incognito mode’, which is built in multiple up-to-date browsers, doesn’t save you from being traced.

This function supplies your networking with a possibility to be inaccessible for any tracker. Traceless Internet surfing is provided by the service.

Moreover, your identity is kept under wraps due to logless politics of the company.

⇒Any of your online activities are not recorded with a view to your privacy civil right preservation. All these factors enhance your anonymity level a lot.

With the service your data is to be put under lock and key of the used encryption.

⇒It’s known to everybody that Wi-Fi connections cause risk for your personal information. Such threats as hackers and ISPs eavesdropping are to be put away from your networking. Internal management is applied to every point of the service (app development and customer support). Your information is ensured to remain safe while using the VPN.

The freest Internet can be experienced with the VPN applying.

⇒Universities, employees, governments practice censorship politics. All the entire work of the service is managed by the provider. More than five hundred anonymous servers are owned by the provider delivering unrestricted Internet access to any part of the world.

Service enhancers

Probably one of the most outstanding features of the service is its constant development. So, here are some of the features being applied to the service by the provider:

Killswitch is a tool that is managed to close all your Internet activity provided that a break in VPN connection has been experienced.


There are three plans of the VPN:

  • One month plan costs $10 per month.
  • Three month plan costs $8,99 ($26,99) per month and saves 25%.
  • A year plan costs $6,49 ($77,99) per month and saves 46%.

All the plans include the features we have described in brief run and are compatible with multiple platforms. The payment methods are various including bitcoins.


Taking into account all the protocols provided by the VPN, you can stay definitely free from any precautions while surfing with it. PPTP, which is considered to be pretty out-of-date and used for older system versions, it does work greatly. Being recommended for speed-intensive browsing, the protocol guarantees security. L2TP is supported by the VPN too, which is highly useful for mobile gadgets as OpenVPN is not accepted by them. And OpenVPN allows faster accessing speeds. Moreover, IPVanish offers IPSec for iOS and IKEv2.

If talking about encryption, it can be stated that 256-bit encryption is used by IPVanish, so any Internet connection is known to become secure with the help of the VPN. Onlookers tracking your activity can be forgotten with such level of encryption. Popular websites and censored media can be accessed with the help of the VPN without restrictions.

Client & support

The IPVanish support center presents a true help for any needful customer. It contains several sections that can be useful for you before contacting to the technical group. There is an online support 24/7. Any client can send a question via the email or post a public question.


The applications for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows phone, Ubuntu, Chromebook, Routers are offered. The tutorial provided for every app will help you to make everything right from the first attempt.IPVanish-vpn-apps


IPVanish offers its service to everyone. Web-restrictions bypassing, data on-the-go security, government censorship circumvention, financial information safe accessing, social accounts locking down, gaming geo-blocking sidestep, prying eyes and other troubles you may face on the Internet can be avoided with the help of the VPN service.

First, using the VPN you can change your virtual location, thus change your IP address and switch servers as many times as you wish. With this function you can feel free on the Internet and avoid any restrictions imposed in your country. The function is extra useful for those who have to travel a lot.

The strong protocols and encryption provided by the VPN improves the level of your security while networking. All the traffic transferring from your device to your addressee is to be thoroughly encrypted, thus protected from any third-party interference. But the high level of encryption doesn’t affect the servers operation. Thus the speed performance allows watching streaming video avoiding any disturbances.

When speaking about application and website usage it seems to be helpful and easy to use. The service is compatible with multiple platforms. Any help or answer to your questions can be gained in a short time through 24/6 online support. It doesn’t provide you with a trial version but 7-day money back guarantee will help you to make sure the service is worthy avoiding bad consequences.

Unbiased expert’s opinion

Having come across the IPVanish VPN I’ve decided to try the application and can state I’m almost satisfied with it.

  • If speaking about application, it’s easy to install and use it on any platform. The absence of trial version has embarrassed me, but a 7-day money back guarantee is pretty enough for me.
  • The speed performance is good and IP address is hidden. While being to Brazil I’ve accessed to Skype and haven’t experienced any hits (I’ve used OpenVPN).
  • One of the pleasant features of the service is up to 5 simultaneous connections and unlimited server switch for each plan, which improves your network a lot while traveling abroad.

IPVanish is a good service for online protection while playing games and unblocking streaming resources. I’ve used it for playing ‘League of Legends’ and can assume that the VPN has enough capacity for using all the benefits of the game in a high quality.

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