Nord VPN review

Nord VPN review

Having made a name for itself as the world’s most advanced VPN, Nord cares for your online protection. If you want to make certain independently, you should look through the NordVPN review  dedicated to the service.

This Nord VPN review will make it clear about the service’s functions, compatibility, security and privacy. All in all, you’ll learn about the weak and strong sides of Nord VPN.

Brief review

Unlimited speed and bandwidth

Endless server switches  
Advanced protocols OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec
Multiple connections  
Multiple platforms Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux, Android
No logs of your networking  
Online support  
A trial version  
Money-back guarantee  

nordvpn-mapFunctional solutions

Having assured yourself of looking through the review, you should know that NordVPN can make you safe even using Wi-Fi connections:

Your bank accounts can be checked using public hotspots through the VPN. It is proclaimed by the provider to be as safe as if you were making it at home and even safer.

Using the VPN you can get access to unrestricted Internet.

According to the providers subtle remark, blocked Internet has much in common with your aunt’s library, because there are many books interesting only for her. While using NordVPN, such channels as Hulu, Netflix, BBC, ITV, Sky and others can be instantly accessed from anywhere in the world. If you live in or go to a country with restricted social nets and VoIP apps, you can avoid the censorship by using the service.

Also, any client of the service is guaranteed to achieve a complete privacy.

Fast and private route through a public Internet is claimed to be achieved with the help of the service. All the traffic is known to be protected by 2048-bit key, which is still resistible even against a supercomputer.

As it has been said a lightning speed can be achieved with the VPN.

The provider is convinced that your speed shouldn’t be sacrificed for security. So, the servers have been invested to provide both good speed performance and security.

The provider follows no log policy and Tor over VPN usage.

Using the VPN the places you go on the Internet remain unknown also for the provider.

nordvpn_internetService enhancers

Tor over VPN usage: the service assures its clients to keep no logins in their activities and provide Tor over VPN solution, which sends an encrypted traffic over the network. It makes it impossible to trace back on the source, which has sent this encrypted data.

Automatic kill switch: the reliability of server connections is outstanding. Nevertheless, the provider has made a step forward and supplied its client with Kill Switch, which is to disconnect the Internet, provided that there has been a break on VPN connection.

DNS leak resolver: a tool that saves all your DNS requires protected from leakages.

And some more add-ons are presented as awesome extras.

Encrypted chat: all the messages from the online chat are encrypted with the help of the VPNs encrypted system.

Web proxy extensions: this addition is for those who use the same extension for Google Chrome. It’s free and can be installed in seconds.


When talking about NordVPNs packages it can be stated that one year plan is the most demanded from the packages presented.

  • Simple one month plan costs $11, 95 per month.
  • Standard six months plan costs $7, 00 per month. The total amount makes $42, 00 and saves 41%.
  • Best offer for one year costs $5, 75 per month. The total amount makes $6, 00 and saves 52%.

All the packages include all the options without any limitations. Payment methods accepted by the service include Bitcoin, which is known to be one of the most anonymous payments.


NordVPN provides double encryptions while using 2048-bit key, which more than enough for extra safeness. It is considered as one of the tightest encryptions of the service. P2P traffic is not throttled by the provider. It uses such protocols for your traffic encryption as OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, which is pretty enough for your online protection.

What is more, the provider offers additional security features, such as encrypted chat and web proxy extensions. The functions are free of charge, so they can be used for any Nord VPN user.

Besides, NordVPN provider doesn’t offer shared VPN servers, but various types, such as double VPN, dedicated IP servers, P2P, anti DDoS, obfuscated, onion over VPN.

Client & support

The service provides FAQ section where a client can find answers for many questions. Moreover, you can contact to responsible professionals using 24/7 online support wherever you need it. But it should be also mentioned that the interface of the apps is easy-to-use and won’t cause to any problems.


First of all, by using this VPN you can connect up to six devices simultaneously. It supports Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux, and Android. More than that iPhone & iPad apps, Android app are known to come soon.


Being one of the most usable VPNs in the world, NordVPN backs up words with deeds. Although the service has many extensions and extra features, if compared to other VPNs presented on the market today, it is being constantly developed.

Using the service you can forget about any threats you may face on the Internet as it uses up-to-date strongest protocols and extra secure 2048-bit key. In addition, double encryption helps you with making your sensitive data even more protected while being online.

The speed enhancers invested into the servers provided makes your online activities troubles, because watching any streaming content or playing the most power consuming games you won’t experience any breaks or hits. For even more assurance in your protected connection a kill switch is presented by the provider.

The service accepts different payment methods including bitcoin, which is known as one of the most anonymous methods. The provider keeps no logs and has an additional Tor over VPN extension, which exponentially enhances your anonymity.

So, the VPN is a qualitative output for your online defense.

Unbiased expert’s opinion

Having looked through the website filled with jokes and humorous details, I’ve decided to try it. I’ve subscribed to a month package to play games and realize that I don’t need the online support, because the installation is very simple and the FAQ section has many answers I needed.

So, all the games I’ve tried including World of Warcraft and Watch Dogs have operated well without loadings and hits. When being out of country, I’ve tried to access Netflix and watched Blacklist absolutely troubles. So, if you are looking for a reliable service, NordVPN is a great solution.

NordVPN’s best features:

  • No-loggingpolicy that makes your online surfing confidential.
  • Plenty of speedy servers in 62
  • 6VPN connections for one subscription.
  • Apps are provided forall popular operating platforms, which makes it easy to work with all the platforms.
  • Customer Support that provides with the professional assistance.
  • P2P is allowed, which means that you can downloads torrents anonymously.
  • 30-Daymoney-back guarantee that allows you to refund money in case you are not satisfied with the service.
  • Powerful AES-256-CBC with a 2048-bit HD key encryption.​

Be safe online and care about your privacy! NordVPN is a food choice for this purpose.

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