Pure VPN review

Pure VPN review

Being one of the world’s most reliable VPN services, Pure VPN continues obtain more and more clients. To make sure you can trust the provider we offer you read the review.

PureVPNBrief review

Unlimited speed and bandwidth


Endless server switches


Advanced protocols PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKE, OpenVPN
Multiple connections


Multiple platforms Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
No logs of your networking


Online support


A trial version


Money-back guarantee


Functional solutions

Having subscribed to the service, some functions start working at you:

  • Your online security is maintained by the service due to the strong encryption provided by Pure VPN. This measure helps to prevent hackers from accessing to your personal data, emails and any other online sources you prefer.
  • Your online anonymity is guaranteed by the provider as you are allowed surfing the Internet ‘namelessly’. That means that you can choose any of the presented in the list server locations and mask your real IP address under one of the servers’. Moreover, the service is known to adopt the policy of ‘no logs storage’, which means there can’t be any further data transferring. In addition, different secure payment methods, such as gift cards and cashu, are accepted by the provider.
  • The reinforced encryption provided by the service ensures your vulnerable data protection. 256-bit key is used for that purpose maintains protection from end-to-end.
  • While using the service you are able to watch any streaming content without any hits or interruptions. According to the provider, the Internet runs seamlessly, which has been obtained through the optimization the VPN network for ultra-fast speeds on any device.


Service enhancers

  • IP Leakage Protection, which is obtained while using the service, helps to fulfill a complete protection against IPV6 and DNS leaks.
  • Defeat ISP speed throttling is averted due to the fact that your IP is hidden and all the servers presented by the provider have been enhanced for better speed performance.
  • Internet Kill Switch is used to protect users from unsecured access to the Internet, which can be made due to the reason that there has been a break on the established connection.


The service gives a possibility to choose between three monthly plans and three annually ones. Here are some details:

Monthly packages:

  • e-commerce plan — it is known to be suitable for online shopping, due to the added transaction security, which also helps with Internet restrictions overcoming. It costs $10/month.
  • streamers & downloaders — the plan is perfect for streaming resources usage and file downloading as it has limitless bandwidth and no buffering. It costs $12/month.
  • premium users — all use cases can be satisfied with the package as it has no limitations as optimized servers and limitless bandwidth are supplied. It costs $14/month.

Annually packages (help to save up to 50%):

  • e-commerce costs $50/year;
  • streamers & downloaders costs $59/year;
  • premium users costs $79/year.

So, as you see all the packages are different and provide various benefits, moreover, if subscribing to the same package of a longer period you can save some extra money (50%).

If speaking about payment methods, there are more than seven of them providing different solutions. For example, gift cards or Cashu suit those who want to gain more anonymity.


While using Pure VPN your online connection is to be thoroughly secured, because all your traffic is to be protected by 256-bit key. Data sniffers are to be avoided by using a variety of secure protocols. When accessing to the Internet using a public connection your data transmissions are encrypted. Your instant messages and emails are protected too. Having chosen PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKE, OpenVPN, you can achieve a 100% secure Internet work.

Client & Support

All the help you need is provided by PureVPN through the knowledge base. If you didn’t manage to find the right answer to your question, you can use live chat support, but in order to start it you will need to fill in your name, email and question. In addition, you can find some information in news blog.


It permits five multi logins from one account. Windows, Mac, iOS, Android are supplied by the service. 


According to the latest data taken from the official website, PureVPN is a reliable service, which is to provide relevant service regarding your essential needs.

If you are looking for a strong protection, while using PureVPN you can rely on it as the up-to-date protocols (PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKE, OpenVPN) and 256-bit key are to supply your networking with high level of security.

Although the service doesn’t give any data on money-back guarantee or a trial version, it is credible due to the fact that the provider accepts different payment methods and keeps no logs.

If you want to achieve a secure access to the Internet or avoid any restrictions, you can make it by using the VPN.

Unbiased expert’s opinion

As I’m a gamer I need a high-quality VPN service to have no troubles with game accessing and speed. That’s exactly why I’ve become an inveterate VPN user too.

Having learnt about the service, I’ve tried Pure VPN and can give the service four points from five possible.

I’ve tried monthly streamers & downloaders package for a month, of course. So, what can I say the plan does provide a high speed performance and has no bandwidth limits. So, I’ve never experienced buffering or any hits during the game.

More than five hundred servers worldwide have given me a chance to play some Asian games and feel free in locations choice. Although the service has no money-back guarantee, it has worked off that $12.

The only unpleasant experience I’ve got has been connected with support assistance.  When I had some problems with protocols choice I’ve tried to contact them in a live chat and it works well, but still you have to fill in some of your personal data, which is not very reasonable. Of course, I could mention a fake name and make a fake email for that reason but it would made me lose my time and I participated in a tournament at that time. The rest of the service is quite good and worth trying.

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