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Free VPN

free-vpnWhat is a VPN?

A virtual private network is a technology, which is used for secure network connections creation over a public network/the Internet. Being primarily used by large corporations, educational and governmental institutions for enabling freelance workers or students access to the network securely, today the tool is widely used by individual customers. For getting access to such a private network, a user needs to pass the authentication.

How does a VPN work?

Virtual connections routing through the Internet is used by a VPN to ensure privacy, security and anonymity, which are the main characteristics of a good VPN service.

Privacy: A VPN client is launched on your device as soon as you get access to the Internet, then your credentials are entered and you are to choose a server and here your privacy protection starts. Different server location nets are provided by various VPN companies. Today, a VPN service with a bigger amount of server locations is considered to be a better one, but is not as simple as that, because it is extremely important for a provider to possess all park servers, otherwise a third-party holding the servers participate in the process too. This can decrease the level of your online anonymity.

So, having connected to the US server while being in Brazil, you are able to use Skype, WhatsApp, Netflix and other  home resources and apps as they  treat you as if you were physically in the US. Your IP address is hidden while a chosen servers one is used instead. Therefore, you are able to choose any virtual location you wish and avoid different restrictions.

Security is one of the most important functions of a VPN. Up-to-date service maintains the option by using strong protocols and keys. The transport of data traffic is secured by a number of VPN protocols (IPSec, SSL, PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN). Each protocol varies in the purpose of usage, thus for getting more secured, you should deepen into the details. So, a good VPN service creates a secure tunneling. When passing through the tunneling all your sensitive/vulnerable traffic becomes encrypted, therefore protected from any interferences. Moreover it is put under the lock of a bit key, which enhances your chances in getting a sustainable online security.

Anonymity: As we have mentioned, the service of a provider that possesses all the presented servers is more anonymous than that of a provider hosting the servers from a third party, because in the second case the process of the service is shared with one more participant. But there are some more factors influencing the level of services anonymity. One of the factors is no log policy. When a provider follows the politics and stores no logging or metadata on its users its service is considered to be more anonymous. In addition, a payment made in the safest ways, such as crypto-currency or digital gift cards, enhances your level of anonymity a lot.

What is a free VPN? How do free VPNs manage to run a business if they are free

Free VPNs are the so-called volunteers that don‘t achieve revenue from their customers, because they offer the service for free. But is it really so?

Have you ever tried to think about expenses needed for server maintaining? Supposing the number is huge, but from where such a provider takes money for the purpose is not a mystery.

There are different ways for monetizing the business and here are just some of them:

  • All-kinds of advertisements are emerging while using a free VPN;
  • The version is a paid VPN pre-sell;
  • Selling some data that has been stored on you.

Nevertheless, for some customers a free service is the only way out as they need it for a single-use or simply don‘t have extra money.

Alternatives to 100% free VPNs

As we have already mentioned, some VPNs based on paid content and service can offer using a so-called trial version of a VPN. Some of the VPNs provide the free usage for several days, the others for twenty minutes only.

A trial version

A trial version of a full-fledged VPN or a free anonymizer for browser are offered on many official websites of VPN providers. So, you can choose it for limited time usage and after the time is up you will have to pay for further enjoyment or find another trial version.

Money-back guarantee  

With the increase of competition on the market of the service, multiple providers offer money-back guarantee. Some of them provide 30-days money back guarantee, the others 1-day money back guarantee. In any case the option gives an additional confidence in the service reliability.

Paid VPN vs. Free VPN

In order to feel the difference let’s compare paid and free service:

Paid vs. Free VPN

Any appropriate service should be supplied with a professional customer support. Even being an advanced user, sometimes you need help, especially when it comes to such details as protocols settings or technology testing.



Nevertheless, any customer is guided by his economic conditions. In addition, there are some outstanding exceptions of free services that provide excellent protection (VPN Gate and Tor (technically not a VPN)) and go for nothing.



Having considered different ways of monetizing the business, you know that free VPN often gains revenue from ads, which is sometimes annoying, if not speaking about such uncommon but still frequent cases when a provider hands over some data on the users to other interested parties.



More often than not cheap packages of a paid VPN and free VPN packages provide service with some limitations. There can be such disadvantages as speed, bandwidth, server switches limits including limits in protocols choice. Moreover, the number of servers in a paid VPN possession is much bigger than that of a free one.



Such as there were, any new VPN subscriber should understand that there is always free cheese in a mousetrap. And even the most reliable free VPN service doesn’t provide your network with such level of anonymity as VPN over Tor of a paid service does.



There are many other options based on which we can continue the comparison, but if you have firmly decided to use a free VPN, try to concentrate your attention on the main three functions any of the services should perform: privacy, security and anonymity. Taking into account this knowledge you will definitely choose a free VPN that matches your desires.

Best free VPN for torrenting: yes or no?

When you think of torrenting on torrent trackers, you should understand that a VPN app is that tool which must be used any time you visit torrent tracker and download content from there. Why?

There are several reasons and you must know about them:

  1. Torrent files are sometimes copyrighted which means you might be suspected of copyright abuse.
  2. Taking into consideration fact 1, you may receive a warning letter from ISP, copyright owners or copyright trolls (In some countries copyright abuse laws are strict enough).
  3. Torrent trackers are often blocked, and the way to access it is VPN.

But is it possible to use a free VPN for torrenting, or even the best free VPN for torrenting?

Considering the pros and cons of free VPN (privacy is very important for torrenting, you know now), paid VPNs are more reliable than free VPNs for torrenting.

With paid VPN services you will be more protected as your traffic will be codified and no logs are kept by the provider, which makes your torrenting really private.

So, now you know everything you need about VPN in 2018. Don’t forget about privacy and safety online! You deserve it!

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